Understanding the Common Causes of TBI

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    Contributing to over 30% of all injury-related deaths, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is among the leading causes of disability and death in the country. People who survive traumatic brain injuries may suffer from after effects that may last a few weeks to disabilities that may stay with them for the rest of their lives. Some common effects of TBI include impaired movement, cognitive abilities, emotional functioning, and sensation.

    The Different Types of TBI

    Depending on the source of trauma, TBIs fall into two categories:

    • Closed Head Injuries: These injuries occur when the brain knocks against the skull due to a sudden, aggressive motion, or as a result of a blow to the head. For example, hitting the head on the dashboard or windshield in an accident.
    • Open Head Injuries: These injuries happen when a foreign object penetrates the skull and causes damage to certain parts of the brain. They are often called penetrating injuries. For example, getting shot in the head.

    These injuries can result in either primary brain damage or secondary brain damage. The former refers to the damage sustained at the time of impact, such as blood clots, bleeding, and skull fracture. The latter refers to the damage that develops over time after the injury, like brain swelling, seizures, and increased blood pressure within the head.

    The Common Causes of TBI

    According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the following are the most common causes of TBI:

    1. Falls: This is the most common cause of brain injuries, as it accounts for 35.2 percent of all TBIs in the United States, particularly in young children and older adults. They are usually caused by slipping in the bathroom, falling down from a ladder or staircase, and falling out of bed.
    2. Assault and Violence: About 10 percent of all TBIs are a result of physical assault and violence such as child abuse, domestic violence, and gunshot wounds.
    3. Getting Hit by an Object: Over 16.5 percent people of all TBI cases include the affected person being struck by an object. These injuries result mostly from robberies and a number of sports such as baseball, boxing, hockey, skateboarding, and some extreme sports.
    4. Traffic Accidents: Collisions and crashes involving bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and pedestrians are another common cause of TBI. They account for 17.3 percent of all TBIs among all age groups.

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