In addition to car or truck accidents, falls, and other traditionally expected cases of head trauma, an individual can sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in many other ways. The following are some examples of other types of accidents that can result in a TBI:

Motorcycle Accidents — Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, especially because a motorcyclist is often thrown from their bike. In Maryland, it is required by law that motorcyclists wear a helmet on the road that meets approved safety standards. However, helmets do not always fully protect an accident victim from a brain injury. For example, the helmet may be defective or the head impact may be so great that it causes injury through the helmet.

Pedestrian Accidents — Pedestrians are also particularly vulnerable to serious brain injuries because they have almost no protection whatsoever if they are hit by a motor vehicle. Pedestrians also tend to have multiple points of impact in a collision–often with the car, the ground, and other nearby objects–so the chances of head trauma are high.

Falling Objects — When an object falls on a person’s head, it may be enough of an impact to cause brain injury especially if the object was heavy or fell from a significant height. Products can fall from shelves at retail stores, objects can fall from windows down onto sidewalks, mounted televisions or equipment can fall down, and more.

Defective Products — Product manufacturers have the duty to produce and sell items that are safe for their intended use by consumers. Unfortunately, many different products can be defective, malfunction, and cause serious brain injuries. One type of product that commonly causes brain injuries is furniture and other items for infants or small children. If a baby carrier, crib, high chair, changing table, or similar products fails, the child can fall to the ground and will often be too young to catch themselves or even help break the fall. Such product defects can lead to head trauma and TBI.

Construction Site Accidents — Hazardous conditions on construction sites can result in a wide variety of accidents, many of which can lead to traumatic brain injuries in both workers and bystanders. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls are the most common construction site injury. Falls are also the leading cause of TBI in the United States. Another common construction site accident is being struck by an object, which can cause serious head trauma.

Explosions or Blasts — Explosions or large blasts can also cause mild to severe brain injuries in people who are in the vicinity. First, shrapnel and objects can go flying and can hit people in the head. Damage can also result if the jolt of the blast causes the brain to vibrate inside the skull, which can bruise and damage brain tissue.

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