How To Gather Evidence For Proving Traumatic Brain Injuries

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    10According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 1.7 million suffer from TBI each year, in which 275,000 are hospitalized, 52,000 die, and over 80% of them are treated in an emergency department and released. In 80% of the cases, patients after receiving treatment from the ER appear quite normal because the symptoms of TBI mostly surface after several weeks after the accident. This makes it difficult to prove that the accident caused the brain injury.

    But an experienced TBI attorney knows how to prove that the injury has occurred and hold the negligent party responsible for compensation.

    Gathering Evidence For TBI

    The following are the best ways to gather evidence that a traumatic brain injury has occurred and prove to a judge in court (or for insurance companies):

    1. Psychological Testing and Analysis

    Nowadays, there are tests and different analysis techniques available that psychologists use to determine the lasting mental and emotional damages of the injury. After the testing, they can be presented as an expert witness to testify of impaired mental functioning, pain and suffering, and emotional loss.

    1. Cutting Edge Imaging Technologies

    While it is difficult to make out the presence of brain injury from traditional imaging equipment that are used in the emergency departments , new imaging technologies, such as fMRI, PET, NRIS, and MEG scans, are now available that can give a clearer image of the brain’s condition. If you think that the accident may have caused a brain injury, you should get these tests done and have the results interpreted from a specialist.

    1. Before/After Accident Witnesses

    The biggest symptom of a TBI is a change in the ability to perform certain tasks and exhibit certain behavior. Although you may not have lost your skills to perform certain tasks, you may feel increased difficulty with them. In such a case, friends, family, employers, and other people with whom you interact on a daily basis can be used as witnesses to testify the change in your ability or behavior.

    1. Analysis by Professionals

    There are professionals who are able to reconstruct accidents and forensic engineers who can evaluate a medical case and prove fault. Other healthcare professionals such as forensic economists and vocational rehab support specialists can also provide great help in proving damages. If you want to get maximum compensation for your TBI, you also need to prove that it has significantly affected your life. With the help of these professionals, you can exactly prove that.

    Consult with A Baltimore Brain Injury Lawyer Or Washington D.C. TBI Attorney Today

    Proving TBI is quite difficult as they require solid evidence. Only an experienced TBI attorney who has the necessary knowledge of TBI laws and knows how to dig up evidence from the right sources can help you get the compensation you deserve. For more information, contact Brain Injury Counsel today at (888) 387-3878 or online for a free consultation.

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